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The Foundation was established through joint beneficiary deeds from the Municipality of Bergen (Bergen kommune), the Hordaland Regional Municipality (Hordaland fylkeskommune), the Friends of Troldhaugen (Troldhaugens Venner), and the Grieg Society in Oslo, dated June 15th 1996.

The Foundation is an independent legal entity whose objective is to contribute to the
- interpretation of Edvard Griegs music for a broader audience through performances at a high artistic level.
- further development of knowledge and understanding of and increased accessibility to Edvard Griegs music for performers, scholars, teachers and educators, and the general public.
- increased contemporary innovative artistic activities based on the impact of Edvard Griegs musical genius.

The realisation of the objective is envisaged to take place through the establishment of international network integration within different areas of musical activity, such as
- worldwide national Grieg societies
- circulation of information
- research and publishing activities
- educational activities
- arrangement of music festivals and competitions, seminars and scholarly symposiums etc.
- artistic activities such as concerts, releases of CDs etc.

The Foundation is organised into a Council Assembly and an Executive Committee.

The Foundation Council Assembly consists of:
- Independent Grieg societies
- The following 12 institutions appoint one member each:
      - Bergen Filharmoniske Orkester  (The Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra)
      - Bergen kommune (The Municipality of Bergen)
      - Bergen Offentlige Bibliotek (Bergen Public Library)
      - Hordaland fylkeskommune (The Hordaland Regional Municipality)
      - Høgskolen i Bergen (Bergen College)
      - Norges Musikkhøgskole (The Norwegian State Academy of Music)
      - Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet, Trondheim (University of Trondheim)
      - Oslo Filharmoniske Orkester (The Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra)
      - Rikskonsertene (Norwegian Concert Institute)
      - Stavanger Symfoniorkester (Stavanger Symphony Orchestra)
      - Universitetet i Bergen (University of Bergen, Grieg Academy)
      - Universitetet i Oslo (University of Oslo)
- Personal members

Ordinary Council Assembly annual meetings are held every second year, preferably within the month of June. The meetings are often connected to research conferences.


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