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Finn Benestad
died on Monday 30th April.

A forefront in the Grieg reserach has passed away.

Finn Benestad died on Monday 30th April 2012.

Finn Benestad published (with Dag Schjelderup-Ebbe) the Grieg biography "Edvard Grieg - the man and the artist" in 1980, later also published in English, German and Russian. The publication has until this day been the most important Grieg biography, and is still the most detailed reference work on Grieg's life. Since then, the collection on Grieg's letters - "Edvard Grieg - letters to colleagues and friends", edited and commented upon by Finn Benestad, has been published (English translation by William H. Halverson).

Benestad was chairman of the Edvard Grieg Committee, which was reponsible for the publication of the C. F. Peters edition of "Edvard Grieg: Complete Works" in 20 volumes (1977-95).

His last task was a new revision of Grieg's Violin Sonata no. 3 in C minor (Opus 45), which he managed to complete and to see printed, just in time. This was a great great pleasure for him.

Some of us have been so fortunate to meet Finn Benestad several times, - the last time at the Grieg conference at Schæffergården in Copenhagen in August 2011, - for many of us the last time we met him. It was very inspiring to experience his great support of the young Grieg researchers.

Today, we think about the family, and especially his wife, Inge Bergljot.

The funeral will take place in Oddernes church in Kristiansand, on Tuesday 8th May at 11:15.

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